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Domestic Political Front Has Yet to Negatively Influence Equities 01.24.18

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Jan 24, 2018 11:52:46 AM

Before we get to the markets, we have to talk about something that concerns us. This week the government failed to gather enough senate votes to pass a budget resolution. We have been down this path before and it is just further testament to the ineptitude of those in congress to put the people first and their political agendas aside. We can’t say that we are the least bit surprised. What you may not know is the larger on going operation sweep to put to justice the bad actors responsible for the massive collusion of government agencies vs the then president nominee and now president elect Trump. Not only that, but there are massive implications for Hillary Clinton, the DNC and a firm called FusionGPS that compiled the so called “Trump Dossier.”

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