Interest Rates Are A Thorn in The Equities Side

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Apr 4, 2018 4:01:39 PM

Is it just us or did the first quarter seem to fly by?

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Apparently Bitcoin Has A Future

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Nov 2, 2017 10:04:25 AM

          Apparently Bitcoin has a future, CME Group announced today that they will be offering a Bitcoin based futures product in Q4 2017.  We mentioned or rather made a notion to the fact that the CME Group started keeping track of the price of Bitcoin on their website, awhile back in our past letter. As our readers know, we saw the writing on the wall long, long, ago.  We figured the space was attracting too much attention in the land of speculation and the CME simply, couldn't resist.  We can only speculate, but we figure the higher ups at the CME fought long and hard trying their best to resist delving into such a known "nefarious product," but as always, the prospect of losing money, or rather not making money off of all this trading, most likely led to them finally caving in. 

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