Quantitative Easing......Forever!

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Feb 14, 2019 2:27:01 PM

What is becoming obvious now is the fact that the global central banks can no longer hide the fact that without their QE and balance sheet expansion, asset prices would fall and economies would reverse. The last month or so has seen a huge reversal in the markets expectations for future rate hikes and one by which certainly shouldn’t have surprised any of our readers. We have used and will continue to use the #QE4EVR theme as basically we are and will all continue to be bound to the low interest rate to negative rate environment. We aren’t stupid…

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Sacrificing Civility for Instability

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Aug 24, 2017 11:01:06 AM

          This past week saw the release of the FOMC Minutes.  Nothing new to report here, just the typical Fed speak and jargon we have come to expect month in and month out.  The usual expectation of inflation picking up in the years ahead, the usual talk of balance sheet reduction and of course what would the minutes be without some doubletalk such as these quotes, “Most Fed officials see inflation rising in the next couple of years and some are concerned by weak inflation.” So, which is it dear Fed, are we really concerned about inflation picking up? Or are we concerned by inflation weakening?  It is this double speak that we truly can’t stand and its why we do not take anything the Fed says seriously. We would rather rely on our own empirical research to determine economic and investment possibilities.

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