Utmost Disdain for Central Bank Manipulation

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Sep 20, 2017 9:03:55 AM

          We have often joked for years now how the central banks have artificially supported markets.  Prior to 2008 it was just a myth, this PPT or Plunge Protection Team, well now we don't even joke about it anymore as fiction has indeed become fact.  The joke is so much ingrained in reality that now the commoner just accepts central bank intervention, no longer as an exception, but rather the rule.  These developments for anyone that has actually participated in the free market, built something from nothing, worked and maybe failed, are nothing more than a big FU slap in the face.  What the central banks are telegraphing now is, hey we don't care about hard work, we just care how much leverage and interest we can partake in.  Hard work, that’s for fools! 

          Obviously we say this with the utmost disdain for central bank manipulation, then again, speaking against such forces has become blasphemy.  Who wants to hear whining about a 20% Nasdaq return, not me says the fool with his head buried in the central bank sand.  We love the oasis central banks have provided and if you think it’s a mirage, well then, you are the greater fool.  Don't be a hater because you lack the conviction to invest blindly with all disregard to actual free market fundamentals.  This is the mentality that the age old fundamental and realist are up against.  A herd that is so blinded by the actual outright real risk that they continue to invest uninhibited

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