What's On Our Radar for 1-22-2018

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Jan 21, 2018 11:22:18 AM

Here are the Futures Reports for your review:

  01/22/18 - No Scheduled Reports Today

            LT:  Feb Crude Lt(NYM)

  01/23/18   2:00 PM CST - Cold Storage
                      2:00 PM CST - Milk Production
                      3:30 PM CST - API Energy Stocks

  01/24/18   6:00 AM CST - MBA Mortgage Applications Index
                      8:00 AM CST - FHFA Housing Price Index(Nov)
                      9:00 AM CST - Existing Home Sales(Dec)
                      9:30 AM CST - EIA Petroleum Status Report
                      2:00 PM CST - Dairy Products Sales

           FN:  Feb Crude Lt(NYM)

  01/25/18   7:30 AM CST - USDA Weekly Export Sales
                      7:30 AM CST - Initial Claims-Weekly
                      7:30 AM CST - New Home Sales(Dec)
                      7:30 AM CST - Adv International Trade In Goods(Dec)
                      7:30 AM CST - Adv Wholesale Inventories(Dec)
                      9:00 AM CST - Leading Indicators(Dec)
                      9:30 AM CST - EIA Natural Gas Report
                      3:30 PM CST - Money Supply

           LT:  Jan Feeder Cattle(CME)
                 Jan Feeder Cattle Options(CME)
                 Feb Copper Options(CMX)
                 Feb Gold & Silver Options(CMX)

  01/26/18   7:30 AM CST - GDP-Adv(Q4)
                      7:30 AM CST - Chain Deflator-Adv(Q4)
                      7:30 AM CST - Durable Orders(Dec)
                      7:30 AM CST - Durable Goods-Ex Transportation(Dec)
                      2:00 PM CST - Cattle On Feed

           LT:  Feb 2,5,10 Year Notes Options(CBT)
                 Feb Bonds Options(CBT)
                 Feb Canola Options(CBT)
                 Feb Wheat Options(CBT)
                 Feb Corn Options(CBT)
                 Feb Rough Rice Options(CBT)
                 Feb Oats Options(CBT)
                 Feb Soybeans,Soymeal,Soyoil Options(CBT)
                 Feb Natural Gas Options(NYM)
                 Feb RBOB & ULSD Options(NYM)

  01/29/18   7:30 AM CST - PCE Prices(Dec)
                      7:30 AM CST - PCE Prices-Core(Dec)
                      7:30 AM CST - Personal Income & Spending(Dec)

           LT:  Jan Copper(CMX)
                 Jan Gold(CMX)
                 Jan Silver(CMX)
                 Jan Platinum(NYM)
                 Jan Palladium(NYM)
                 Feb Natural Gas(NYM)

  01/30/18   9:00 AM CST - Consumer Confidence(Jan)
                      3:30 PM CST - API Energy Stocks

           FN:  Feb Natural Gas(NYM)
           LT:   Jan Butter(CME)
                  Jan Milk(CME)
                  Jan Butter Options(CME)
                  Jan Milk Options(CME)'

  01/31/18   6:00 AM CST - MBA Mortgage Applications Index
                      7:15 AM CST - ADP Employment Change(Jan)
                      7:30 AM CST - Employment Cost Index(Q4)
                      9:00 AM CST - Pending Home Sales(Dec)
                      9:30 AM CST - EIA Petroleum Status Report
                      1:00 PM CST - FOMC Rate Decision(Jan)
                      2:00 PM CST - Dairy Products Sales
                      2:00 PM CST - Cattle
                      2:00 PM CST - Sheep & Goats

           FN:  Feb Copper(CMX)
                   Feb Gold & Silver(CMX)
                   Feb Platinum & Palladium(NYM)
           LT:   Jan Fed Funds(CME)
                  Feb RBOB & ULSD(NYM)
                  Jan Fed Funds Options(CME)
                  Jan Lumber Options(CME)

  02/01/18   7:30 AM CST - USDA Weekly Export Sales
                      7:30 AM CST - Initial Claims-Weekly
                      7:30 AM CST - Productivity-Prel(Q4)
                      7:30 AM CST - Unit Labor Costs-Prelim(Q4)
                      9:00 AM CST - Construction Spending(Dec)
                      9:00 AM CST - ISM Index(Jan)
                      9:30 AM CST - EIA Natural Gas Report
                      1:00 PM CST - Auto & Truck Sales(Jan)
                      2:00 PM CST - Cotton System
                      2:00 PM CST - Dairy Products
                      2:00 PM CST - Fats & Oils
                      2:00 PM CST - Grain Crushings
                      3:30 PM CST - Money Supply

  02/02/18   7:30 AM CST - Ave Workweek & Hourly Earnings(Jan)
                      7:30 AM CST - Unemployment Rate(Jan)
                      7:30 AM CST - Nonfarm Payrolls(Jan)
                      9:00 AM CST - Factory Orders(Dec)
                      9:00 AM CST - Mich Consumer Sentiment-Final(Jan)

           FN:  Feb RBOB & ULSD(NYM)
                   Feb Live Cattle Options(CME)
                   Mar Cocoa Options(ICE)
  FN=First Notice, OE=Option Expiration, LT=Last Trade


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Why The Markets Are Not Correcting

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Jan 14, 2018 9:35:57 AM

          So let’s get to it, what did we learn over the past week?  We were informed by Intel that its computer chips were affected by a bug that makes them vulnerable to hacking.  All computers with Intel chips from the past 10 years are affected.  Considering that computer chips are basically the backbone and brain behind everything electronic including the entirety of the internet itself, this should be very alarming news.  We can’t say that we are surprised, we have said in many past writings that the internet itself will have to adapt to these internal threats.  Not to mention the internet security threats that future quantum computing presents.  To say that this news out of Intel is alarming, is quite an understatement and it’s why the future of technology will need to be completely and openly discussed by all major stakeholders.  This will take a collaborative effort, one by which profits will need to be set aside for the greater good.  Whether or not this can be achieved is another thing, but the viability of the internet, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence comes completely into question now.  Intel’s stock price barely fell 5% and why should it, if these things need to be replaced, that means more sales and of course no rebates.

          Also out this week the AP reported that the FED projects $80.2 billion in remittance back to the Treasury Dept.  Here is a chart of the last decade in remittance.  As you can see the FED has paid back billions to its enabler, is it safe to say this is like a drug kingpin and his pushers…maybe that’s too harsh…Anyway the charts show 3 years in a row of declining remittance and one thinks we can just continue to raise rates, can you imagine this levered behemoth and its Dv01 crushing leverage if equities turn and interest rates rise?


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A Look at Income Inequality with a Parabolic Stock Market

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Sep 7, 2017 4:38:09 PM

          Our letter this week is going to take more of an informational tidbit tone.  We feel the markets as of late have been driven by late summer vacations, schools starting up and unfortunately that menacing North Korea.  Also, let’s not forget the alt left/right chaos, but that’s for another day.  We feel there are some good bits of information each week and we will do our best in bringing them to you.  In this 24/7/365 data deluge, there is a lot of junk and effectively we want to be your data filter if you will.

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