Years of Central Bank Handouts Fuel Income Inequality

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Jan 24, 2019 8:52:24 AM

Let’s dig into some of the Q4 bank earnings that came out last week. First up Bank of America which posted its largest full year profit in history $28.15 billion. (WSJ) So how did they accomplish such a feat, well let’s just see what their interest rate differential was, i.e. what are they paying depositors compared to the risk-free rate they earn off those deposits.

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Income Inequality and Our Taxes

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Apr 18, 2018 9:51:30 AM


          Well, it’s that time of the year again, where millions of Americans race to meet the deadline to file their annual tax returns. We have seen a lot of discussions about the tax code, the changes and various opinions as to the benefits and costs of Trump’s new tax plan.

It’s no surprise that #POTUS has been vocal the last few days about the glory of his tax plan and even #VPPence took to twitter today:

          Despite all the administrations gloating, we feel it is quite comical that the federal tax code consists of some 74k pages, yes that’s thousands![1]  We have an idea, how bout we get rid of income taxes and just issue bonds. This is a republic, right? Perhaps the people should vote on it, hell the US Government just borrowed $275B in Q1 alone. What is indeed both troubling and interesting at the same time is that Q2 borrowing jumps to $512B nearly double the first quarter amount![2]

          So, what would be the difference if we merely added to the treasuries borrowing, another $400B a quarter? It’s not like the principal matters, its just the interest payments we need to cover right??? Furthermore, and what is certainly the biggest scam of all is the fact that individuals paid 5.3x more actual tax than the corporations for FY2017[3].

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A Look at Income Inequality with a Parabolic Stock Market

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Sep 7, 2017 4:38:09 PM

          Our letter this week is going to take more of an informational tidbit tone.  We feel the markets as of late have been driven by late summer vacations, schools starting up and unfortunately that menacing North Korea.  Also, let’s not forget the alt left/right chaos, but that’s for another day.  We feel there are some good bits of information each week and we will do our best in bringing them to you.  In this 24/7/365 data deluge, there is a lot of junk and effectively we want to be your data filter if you will.

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