Focus Not on Price and Volatility, But Rather Technology and Innovation

Posted by Capital Trading Group on Nov 16, 2017 9:19:13 AM

This week we are just going to touch upon a few of the subjects that are driving our markets.  Saudi Arabia and the house of Saud continue their crackdown within the kingdom.  We aren’t quite sure where all of this will lead, but instability comes to mind and when you are confiscating at will apparently this much wealth, rest assure repercussions will follow.  Last week we touched upon the curious reasons for all the oil appreciation and then this all transpired, hmm who leads who, fundamentals or technical’s?  We always believe the price at any given moment is reflective of two components, the known, and the soon to be known.  In this case the price was rising and the news of the purge followed.  We can only hope that transgressions will be muted, that the rising tide of volatility in the region doesn’t lead toward a wider conflict.  However, it will not shock us to see the media start to pull the old Iran vs S.A. out of the hat again.  Then there is the question of where the Chinese will begin to figure in this mix.  Let’s just say the situation just got a whole lot more interesting.

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