August 21, 2019
Futures Brokerage Capital Trading Group Announces Launch of Managed Futures Podcast
The podcast explores tactics, tools and infrastructure to help investors and CTAs focus on trading and investment performance
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August 8, 2019
Trading Styles — With Thomas Kochanek
  In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Thomas Kochanek, founder of 1512 St. Gallen Capital Management. During his research at the University...
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July 23, 2019
Discussing Options as a Strategic Investment — With Author Larry McMillan
  In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Larry McMillan, author of the bestselling book “Options as a Strategic Investment,” popularly known as...
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June 14, 2019
Who Is Right Equities Or Bonds?
First let’s jump right into this chart here, which Zhedge posted this week and one we mocked up a bit to paint a clear and precise question, that is,...
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June 4, 2019
Yield Curve Collapse Signaling Warning Signs
Let’s dig into a few things that are piquing our interest this week. We feel that investors need to be fully aware and cognizant of the investment...
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April 17, 2019
Largest Buyers of US Equities......Corporations
After last week’s letter which placed an absolute universal understanding that no matter what one’s circumstance is, money = value.   With that said...
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