April 5, 2021
What's with these high soybean prices?!
By Andrew Hecht The USDA planting report lights a bullish fuse The buying runs out of steam - backwardation in the beans Expect lots of volatility as...
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March 29, 2021
Inflation is on the horizon... So, what's wrong with Gold?
By: Andrew Hecht     Overview: - Gold has backed off since the August 2020 high - The bullish trend in gold remains intact - Falling bonds have...
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March 12, 2021
Algorithmic Trading Program - with Richard Metzger
  In this episode, Nell Sloane is joined with Richard Metzger, co-founder and lead developer of Method Asset Management, as they dive into...
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February 22, 2021
Technomental Newsletter: Free Sample!
Interested in an all-encompassing commodity industry newsletter? 
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February 5, 2021
Spread Trading Programs
  In this episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Darren Carlat, founder and CEO of Spread Edge Capital, as they dive into conversations about Darren’s work...
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January 13, 2021
Test Drive Ablesys Trading Software
  In this episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Grace Wang, Co-founder and Vice-President of software company AbleSys.  Together they dive into...
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