March 20, 2019
Feds Last Weapon......"Empty Words"

The all-powerful FOMC meets tomorrow and will provide us with mostly conjecture as to their continued waffle of a monetary policy. It was just a...

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July 3, 2018
Knowledge is the True Freedom

Happy 4th of July everyone and what we have seemingly been accustomed to by now, is the fact that holiday’s that come mid week, seem to wipe out...

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January 14, 2018
Why The Markets Are Not Correcting

          So let’s get to it, what did we learn over the past week?  We were informed by Intel that its computer chips were affected by a bug that...

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October 17, 2017
Bubbles no more. Fundamentals no more!

          In the chaotic world in which we live, we feel that investors tend to over hype the wrong things and under prioritize the right things. ...

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August 2, 2017
The Trends Roll On

As we count down the remaining weeks of summer, we hope you enjoyed a bit of a reprieve from these markets.  We hope you found some time to break...

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July 26, 2017
Summer Doldrums

As we labor along these summer trading days, awash in great anticipation of the next FED policy move, we can't help but bring to light some of the...

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