Who Is Right Equities Or Bonds?

Yield Curve Collapse Signaling Warning Signs

Largest Buyers of US Equities......Corporations

What Constitutes Value?

Market Update and Follow up to Yesterdays Blog

Feds Last Weapon......"Empty Words"

The Enablers....FED and the Central Banks

It's Not Diversification if Bonds and Stocks Fall in Unison

Quantitative Easing......Forever!

The Real Elephant in the Room.....DEBT.

Years of Central Bank Handouts Fuel Income Inequality

The Natural Course of Things is Inevitable, Not Preventable

Non-Farm Payroll Beat Sparks Market, What's Next?

2018 Review & Outlook 2019

Signs of Things to Come

Money Flow is Fickle

The Feds Ultimate Goal is Three-Fold

Unintended Consequences of Monetary Easing

Corporate Treasuries Have Chosen a Life That Does Not Have a Future

If The Bull Market Ends, Where Are You Going To Turn?

They Will Indeed Continue Their Rate Hike Campaign

It's Not What You Buy, But When You Buy It.

Are Interest Rates Driving the Stock Market?

The Bond Market Will Be The Bear That Crushes The Equity Market

Fed Raises Rates in Highly Anticipated Move

Markets Picking Up Steam?

Debt Fueling GDP Growth as FAANGS Drive SP500

Cycles Do Indeed Eventually Come To An End

Asset Prices Need  Debit to Continue

Trading Places - Lines Blurred Between Traders and Programmers

Turkish Lira Plunge Signals Warning Signs?

Fear of Missing Out

GDP Gains But FANGS Repricing

China Tries To Fight Tariffs

What will Happen when the Market has a Down Year?

Will the Velocity of Money Finally Rise?

Knowledge is the True Freedom

The Eventual Flattened Yield Curve Will Indeed Flatten The Equity Markets

Consumers Feeling the Pinch of Fed Rate Hikes.

Posturing From the Position of Power

Italy and More...

The Risk Radar Should Be Ringing!

Shouldn't We Be Concerned About Electrical Magnetic Frequency Radiation?!

In The Midst Of Chaos There Is Also Opportunity

Income Inequality and Our Taxes

Power Is On The Individual

Interest Rates Are A Thorn in The Equities Side

Interest Rates Shift 

The Markets Have Changed Now that the Fed will be Tightening

Neither Investor nor Manager are immune from innate human behavior

Davos, Dollars and Dead Men Walking

Domestic Political Front Has Yet to Negatively Influence Equities 01.24.18

What's On Our Radar for 1-22-2018

Why The Markets Are Not Correcting

Interpreting Fed Speak & FOMC Projections, Crypto Craze and Repeal of Net Neutrality

Artificial Intelligence is Supplanting Humans

Something New And Profound Is Upon Us!

Bitcoin / Blockchain Mania

The Arms Race: Bitcoin and the S&P 500 Index

Focus Not on Price and Volatility, But Rather Technology and Innovation

Bitcoin and Block Chain - It Exists Everywhere and No Where

Widening Gap of Wealth and Income Inequality

Apparently Bitcoin Has A Future

The Real Reason Spain Can't Afford Catalonia to Leave

Bubbles no more. Fundamentals no more!

Breaking Down the 'IOER': Interest paid On Excess Reserves

A Feducation after Janet Yellen's Speech

Utmost Disdain for Central Bank Manipulation

Would the US ever consider eliminating the Debt Ceiling for a Debt Target? Let's Hope Not.

Alternative Alpha - Value of Volatility in the Markets

Alternative Alpha - Emerging Market Envy

A Look at Income Inequality with a Parabolic Stock Market

Broken Record

Sacrificing Civility for Instability

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Trends Roll On

Summer Doldrums

When Doves Fly

How Much Time Can You Afford To Spare?


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